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Auckland Mortgage Brokers and Non-bank Loans

Are you looking for a mortgage in Auckland but do not meet the criteria of your bank? Then let a team of professional mortgage brokers help.

Depending on your circumstances “non-banks” may favour your mortgage application. At Mortgage Care in Auckland we foster good relationships with 4 non-conforming lending institutions. Our mortgage brokers approach them directly to present a finance application on your behalf.

Non-conforming loans – how do they work?

A loan obtained through a non-bank will have a slightly higher interest rate, and higher upfront fees, but may well still fall within your budget. Mortgage Care in Auckland can negotiate a non-conforming loan for you, if you:

  • need bridging finance;
  • have a less-than-perfect credit history;
  • are recovering from bankruptcy;
  • are self-employed;
  • are a new immigrant to New Zealand.

If you are an older borrower, self-employed, have mortgage arrears or just feel like your finances are spinning out of control, our mortgage brokers may be able to give you a way forward. Even if we cannot offer you a solution immediately, we can advise the necessary steps that make finance possible in the future. In any event is it always worthwhile to talk to a good mortgage broker.

Talk to our mortgage brokers in Auckland to discuss your specific situation. Contact Mortgage Care today.

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