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Non-bank loans as a solution

For a variety of reasons you may find that you do not meet the criteria of the traditional banks.

For example you may need bridging finance, be a new immigrant to New Zealand, you have a poor credit rating or you are recovering from bankruptcy. Or you may be self-employed and your financial accounts are not up to date.

Depending on your circumstances “non-banks” may consider your mortgage application. We approach them directly to ascertain the feasibility of presenting a finance application on your behalf.

A loan obtained through a non-bank will have a slightly higher interest rate, and higher upfront fees, but will still be at a reasonable level for this type of loan. There is also the opportunity for us to work with you, with a view to refinancing through a traditional bank at a later date.

In any situation is it always valuable to have a chat to one of our Financial Advisers.

For mortgage advice on non-bank loans and lending criteria, contact Mortgage Care today.

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