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Impaired credit rating? Non-bank loans are the solution.

Non-bank loans are a feasible alternative for those with credit impairment. Due to life’s circumstances or financial hiccups your credit rating may be compromised. Mortgage Care can help you set your record straight and take the right steps towards refinancing or debt consolidation.

Lots of equity but poor credit? Non-bank loans can be the right choice.

More often than not, we have come across clients who, despite having a good equity in their property, are unable to borrow money from their bank. Banks have very strict lending criteria. You need at least 65% of equity in your property for a successful mortgage or refinance application.

Non-bank loans on the other hand allow for greater financial scope. Even though the interest rates may be higher in the beginning, non-bank loans are a good bridging solution until most of your debt has been consolidated, and you are ready to negotiate with your bank again.

At Mortgage Care, we foster good relationships with non-bank lending institutions in Auckland. We can approach them directly on your behalf to present them with your finance application, and negotiate the terms and conditions that reflect your individual circumstances.

Whatever your situation, it is always valuable to speak to a mortgage adviser before making a decision. Mortgage advisers can give you a succinct explanation of your financial circumstances, and suggest the steps necessary to take for a future finance application.

For more, free mortgage advice on non-bank loans and lending criteria, contact Mortgage Care in Auckland today.

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