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Obtain A Loan With A Mortgage Broker In Auckland

Traditional banks have very strict lending criteria, but there is hope for people who have been rejected by their bank. A mortgage broker in Auckland can help you getting a non-conforming loan from a lending institution other than a bank. These include finance companies, private lenders, solicitor nominee funds and second tier lenders.

All banks in Auckland and other parts of New Zealand require similar criteria for their home loans: good credit history, bank statements, proof of income and savings. For clients who show an unfavourable credit history due to extenuating circumstances, acquiring a home loan from a bank may prove to be difficult, if not entirely impossible.

Often, non-conforming loans are the perfect temporary solution to getting a mortgage. They are especially viable for clients in the process of changing jobs, self-employed contractors or immigrants with no borrowing record. Even second mortgages and personal loans that regular banks don’t offer become a possibility with the assistance of a reputable mortgage broker.

Whatever your personal financial situation may be – it is always valuable to speak to a mortgage broker. At Mortgage Care, we hold good relationships with banks and non-conforming lenders alike. A mortgage broker at Mortgage Care in Auckland will be able to speak directly to the lender and negotiate the terms under which a finance application may become feasible for you. Even if finance is not possible immediately, a mortgage broker can give you valuable advice for obtaining a loan in the future, and help you clear your financial situation to move forward.

Don’t risk becoming victim of a “loan shark” when looking for alternatives – speak to a mortgage broker in Auckland at Mortgage Care.

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