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Mortgage Advisers help with debt consolidation.

Have you fallen behind your mortgage repayments? Mortgage Care can help you with debt consolidation. We can help you find a solution for almost any financial problem.

Debt consolidation – streamline your finances and save money


More often than not people struggle to repay their mortgage due to reasons beyond their control. Relationship break-ups, bereavements or loss of employment can all contribute to debt.

If you are in financial strife and need debt consolidation in Auckland, we are the ones to call. Our mortgage advisers can assess your specific situation and offer valuable advice. We can assist with consolidation of personal loans, credit carts, hire purchase and help you bring your mortgage under control.

At Mortgage Care, we work closely with non-bank lenders who may consider a finance application even though you have missed loan repayments or have damaged your credit rating. With our mortgage advisers, debt consolidation becomes an opportunity to bring your mortgage back under control.

We will have to assess whether you qualify for debt consolidation and refinancing, to save your home from a possible mortgagee sale. One of the most important factors is that you have a good level of equity in your property. The higher the equity, the easier it is for us to find a financial solution and assist you with debt consolidation.

To find out whether you qualify for debt consolidation, contact Mortgage Care today.

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